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A​ Note from Michael Richardson-Borne

Hi, my name is Michael Richardson-Borne.  I'm a transpersonal psychologist as well as the creator of Applied Awakening and the Path of Non-separation.  

In the following Resource Guide, you will find everything you need to get started
on the journey of Applied Awakening and the Path of Non-separation.  This includes links to video lectures, online courses, books, Spotify playlists, and more.

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With that said, welcome to the journey of Applied Awakening.  May you be inspired by the pages that follow and may you be supported by the subsequent books, courses, and lessons being offered that remind you of the pre-existing unity living all of us – which is nothing less than who you truly are.​

Applied Awakening Resource Guide

What are Applied Awakening & the Path of Non-separation?

Applied awakening is the application of the realization of Non-separation. This usually leads to the follow up question, “Well, what is Non-separation?” Non-separation is the impersonal existence of being that includes the personal, a realization that functions as the pre-cursor to Applied Awakening. This is precisely why the focus of Applied Awakening is on teaching the Path of Non-separation – once Non-separation is realized, one is naturally lived as an invitation to awakening and the applications of this invitation effortlessly unfold.
The Path of Non-separation is a contemporary self inquiry process for people who want to take a real world journey to remember their true identity. It begins by grasping that the primary assumption of humanity is the belief in a separate self. This understanding launches a self inquiry process that can move one from living a life based on an assumption of a separate self to being lived as the authentic existence of Non-separation – graduating one from being fully embedded in a personal context to being a new set of outcomes as a conduit of the impersonal. This new set of outcomes is the impersonal action of Applied Awakening.

Applied Awakening Teaching Studio

Applied Awakening Teaching Studio​​

In the Teaching Studio, you will find video lectures on Applied Awakening listed in four categories: International Relations, Transpersonal Psychology, American Culture and Self Inquiry.

Each lecture focuses on teaching the Path of Non-separation by revealing how the belief in a separate self clouds your everyday experience – and how a shift to Non-separation is possible.​

Sample Lecture:  Obama & Mandela Don't See the Culture of Separation

Blog: The Path of Non-separation

The Path of Non-separation is the pre-cursor to Applied Awakening. It is a contemporary self inquiry process for people who want to take a real world journey to realize the true self. is the best website to visit if you are searching for an archive of written lessons that teach the Path of Non-separation.

The lessons are divided into 5 categories for your convenience:​

1.  Q&A​​​

2.  Text Messages​​​

3.  Interviews​​​

4.  Visions

​5.  Revisions

Sample Lesson:

Love is Apparently Two, In Reality One

Film Shorts

Love Story​​

Road Kill​

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Spotify Playlists




​ ​​​​​​​​​

Applied Awakening Courses

YouTube Guru​​: How 20 Music Videos from YouTube Can Help You Realize the True Self​​


The Only Revolution Left: Discovering the Path of Non-separation as the Key to Changing the World​​​

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Below are a handful of questions I get asked a lot.  I’ll answer them now in case it’s useful.

Is Non-separation the same thing as enlightenment?

Yes.  But I’m not teaching you how to become enlightened.  What you will discover is that once Non-separation is remembered, there is nobody there to personally claim it.  You will find that enlightenment can be personally understood only as an action of the impersonal.

If Non-separation is the same as enlightenment, doesn’t that make you a guru?

No.  Gurus live within the structure of separation – I teach the realization of Non-separation.  If anything, I consider myself an acquaintance or a friend.

How do I work with you?

Get your Applied Awakening Study Room​ username & password.  Watch the webinar in the Study Room to discover programs in which we can work together.

Welcome Note

Hi – Michael here again.  If you’ve made it this far in your Resource Guide, then you’re all set to proceed on your journey.  I hope it’s been informative and you feel confident about beginning the Path of Non-separation.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.  You can contract me via email here​.

In the coming days and weeks I will be following up with you from time to time to send new articles, books, lessons and lectures on Applied Awakening.  Keep an eye out for emails from Michael Richardson-Borne and make sure you white list my email address so that the messages do not land in your spam folder.

So, one last time – welcome to your Applied Awakening journey and best of luck as you dive in.

Give me a shout when Non-separation takes root and we can have a chuckle or two about walking off into the sunset together with the understanding that I was never your guide, you were never the guided, and we were never separate in the first place…

– Michael

About Michael Richardson-Borne


Michael Richardson-Borne is a transpersonal psychologist as well as the creator of Applied Awakening and the Path of Non-separation.  

Michael has supported the launch of multiple successful startup companies in the field of transformational education and, most recently, worked for five years as the CEO of Globalish Institute, a privately owned think tank in Los Angeles – an organization that globally recognized philosopher Ken Wilber called “startlingly original work of sheer genius.”  In 2016, Michael left his CEO
position to create Richardson-Borne Institute, a think tank with degree programs that focus on advancing the field of Applied Awakening.

Michael studied philosophy on special student status at Oxford University and holds degrees in Biology and English literature.  His primary spiritual support came from Alan Shelton, a retired CPA who spent a decade in India where he studied with Advaita teacher Ramesh Balsekar, the translator for renowned
teacher Nisargadatta Maharaj.  Michael is a member of the Integral Spiritual Center and was one of fifty people selected for the inaugural Global Cooperative Forum.

Besides his work, Michael enjoys listening to a wide range of music on Spotify & supporting his favorite sports teams – particularly the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Michael lives in Lexington, KY with his wife, Michelle and their baby boy, Marcel.

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